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2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Use our Operations Orders to help you plan out your build.  Whether you are building your dream car or working on your daily driver we can help you plan your project.

We will guarantee that the parts you buy will work together with each other.

This saves you time, money, and from potentially purchasing similar items twice.

We can offer package deals with a discount.

We know how it feels to start a project and buy parts only to find out they won’t work with either the long-term plan of the ride or with other parts that you have purchased.  This can not only be discouraging as you build your ride, it can cost thousands of dollars and countless hours of time removing and replacing different parts. 

The scenario starts out simple enough.  Let's say you want to run 35” tires on your truck.  You pick out your favorite wheels and tires and scour the internet for information on how to make them fit.  You read social media posts, internet forums, and anything else that tells you a leveling kit is all you need.  You order the leveling kit after finding the best deal and install it.  Next, you install the wheels and take the truck on its first test drive only to find that the tires rub or it won't meet alignment specs.  You inspect the wheel wells and see what you can do to fix it, but the only thing to do is either cut the truck's trim pieces, run smaller tires, or use a lift kit.  Regardless of choice, you are out extra money that you wouldn’t have been if you could have planned out the build with expert advice.

We don’t charge for this advice, we just want you to have the best experience possible in building your ride.  When we help you build a package for your ride, we will ensure all parts work well together and help you get your ride performing how you want.  This will allow you to do it right the first time.  In the military, Operations Orders are used to give units a mission or task to complete.  At OSS, contact us and we will have you fill out our Operations Order to allow us to complete the mission of helping you build your ride.